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Innovating the market worldwide, Manning Environmental Inc. develops and manufactures fluid samplers and accessories. Our products are used in research, industrial, municipal, and water resource markets.

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Sampler Categories

Portable Samplers
  • Self Contained
  • Quick and easy setup
  • For Temporary locations
  • Battery or AC power
  • Vacuum or peristaltic
  • Multi or Single bottle
Stationary Samplers
  • AC powered
  • Long term locations
  • Coated corrosion resistant refrigeration system.
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Vacuum or peristaltic
  • Multi or Single bottle


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Our goal is simple, design and manufacture equipment and products as good or better than are currently available from the original equipment manufacturer at a better price to the consumer.  The Manning I-SERIES Compatibles have been designed and tested to work as a direct replacement for the original equipment.   We’ve been manufacturing and designing reliable, high-quality environmental equipment since 1972.  
Extensive product knowledge and experience go into all our products.  When you purchase an I-SERIES product from Manning, you’ll receive the same guarantee as you would from the OEM.  Have questions or need additional information?  Give us a call.  
How do you offer a superior product for less money?  Many companies support their significant overhead by charging customers higher prices. We keep our overhead and cost down to a minimum.  By doing so, we pass the savings on to our customers through lower prices. The I-SERIES is for use on Isco brand samplers.  Associated Isco model and part numbers are listed to help make it easier to determine which I-SERIES compatible best fits your needs.

Product Videos


The Manning NEMA3R 53i insulated fiberglass sampler enclosure is designed to provide excellent all-weather protection for your sampler or other sensitive equipment from extreme cold to summer heat. The enclosure includes a 4plex outlet, heater, 2 position fan (venting and circulating heat) with switch. Vents come with plugs and provide air flow and come with rain and splash covers. Quick latch pulls are lockable. A spring lift system holds the lid open at a level to shield equipment from rain while you work on it.


Unlike stainless steel or polypropylene strainers that are impossible to maneuver around bends or angles, the Manning Flex Strainer solves this problem. With its weighted flexible body, the Manning Flex Strainer reaches places ridged strainers would never attempt and once there lays flat for low flow situations. In raw influent, the flexibility sheds rag and debris better helping reduce frustrating and time-consuming clogs other strainers are prone too. Only silicone wetted, (no metal or plastic). Available sizes: Standard and Heavy models. The heavier for stronger flows.


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