Quotations and Order Acceptance      

Quotes are based on information provided to Manning by the customer. Prices provided on the quote are only for those items specifically listed.  It is the customer’s responsibility to review and verify all items quoted.  Any deletions, additions, or modifications may affect the price.  Manning quotations are valid for 30 days from issuance date.  Expired quotations will be subject to re-quote unless specifically exempted by Manning Environmental Inc.

All customer purchase orders for samplers shall be in writing.  Verbal purchase orders or letters of intent are NOT acceptable. 

Submittal Package Preparation (For sampler orders based on a specification that requires a submittal).

Manning will not prepare a quotation until all proper information necessary to complete the quote is received from the customer.  This information is the basis for the quotation. The customer may submit a purchase order prior to the submittal, but it will not be accepted by Manning until the submittal is prepared and approved.  Items generally required to create the quotation and submittal include, but are not limited to:

  • Sampler specification documentation to include all sections referenced in the sampler specification section, as well as sections covering the submittal requirements.
  • Complete shipping address and billing information, including phone and email.
  • Shipping and packaging requirements (i.e. advance notification, lift gate service, special packaging, etc.)
  • Technical point of contact (to answer questions about the sampler specification)
  • Installation, start-up and training requirements
  • Specific information about the application.   (Many sampler specifications are very generic. Having detailed information about the application insures that the customer receives the sampler with the correct configuration and accessories.)

If there is insufficient information to provide a submittal package, Manning will notify the customer requesting specific information needed to complete the submittal package.  Once all required information is received, the submittal package will be provided to the customer for review and approval.  Any deletions, additions, or modifications may affect the price.  If the submittal package is not accepted within 45 days of issuance, Manning has the right to revise the pricing.  Manning may also charge a documentation fee for submittals requiring extensive documentation.

If the submittal requires installation, start-up and/or training provided by a Manning representative, this may be on a separate quotation provided by the representative.

Customers should allow one to two weeks for preparation of a submittal.

Acceptance of Customer’s Order

Manning will not start production of the sampler order until the submittal package is approved (if required) and a purchase order is received.  If the purchase order contains terms, conditions, requirements or the items contained within differ from the quote, then the customer will be contacted and the purchase order held until the differences are resolved.


All cancellations must be in writing and accepted by Manning.  Sampler orders canceled after submittals and purchase orders have been approved but before production has started are subject to a 10% cancellation fee. Orders canceled after production but prior to shipping are subject to a 20% cancellation and restocking fee.  Orders that have been shipped are subject to a 20% restocking fee, plus shipping charges.  Manning may designate special order or custom products to be non-cancelable and/or non-returnable.

Payment Terms

For domestic orders, Manning payment terms are Net 30 days for customers with approved credit.  For international orders, Manning requires pre-payment in full. Manning also accepts most major credit cards.  No other payment terms are acceptable unless agreed to in writing by Manning.  Overdue invoices will be accessed interest at a rate permitted by law.  When Manning supplies a standard configuration for a sampler, retention of any amount is not acceptable.  Sales tax and import duties, where applicable are the responsibility of the purchaser.


Approximate ship dates are provided once the order is approved and scheduled for production. Ship dates are approximate only and shall not subject Manning to any economic liability for failure to meet the estimated date provided.

FCA shipping point is Florence, Texas USA.  For domestic orders freight can be shipped collect or prepaid (and added to your invoice).  A shipping estimate is available upon request if not included with the quote, unless the request for quote specifically states freight collect.  If not specified at the time of the order, freight will be shipped prepaid and added to your invoice.  For international orders, shipment is normally arranged by the purchaser, although an estimate can be made upon request.  Manning makes reasonable attempts to accommodate customer’s shipping requirements, but in some cases may not be able to use the customer’s preferred carrier. 

Parts and Service

Orders for parts and service requests generally follow the terms and conditions listed above, where applicable. 

Customers with accounts may order parts or request service by email, fax or phone. New customers are required to submit a written purchase order, along with credit information to establish your account.  Written quotations for parts are available, if required.  Shipping will be included in the quote if specifically requested.

Customers requesting repairs must obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number from Manning prior to returning any items. Each RMA is valid for 45 days from the date of issuance.  Manning reserves the right to refuse shipments of items returned without an RMA.

An RMA is also required for the return of any parts.  Returned parts are subject to restocking fees as outlined in the cancellations section.  Special order or custom parts may be designated non-cancelable and/or non-returnable.  Manning will only accept new, unused parts. Shipping charges are not refundable.

The customer will be furnished a written repair quotation after inspection of the item returned for service.  Return shipping will be included in the quote if specifically requested. If the customer declines to have the item repaired, or Manning determines that the item is not repairable, it is the responsibility of the customer to inform Manning of the disposition of the item.  If the customer requests return of the item, they must arrange shipping (i.e., collect), as Manning will not invoice for shipping charges only.  Any Return with no disposition from the customer will be considered abandoned after 60 days.  MEI will attempt to contact you before disposing of the item.                                  


Manning samplers are covered by a one-year limited warranty.  A complete copy of the warranty is available at our website Click Here, or by contacting Manning.
Parts and service repairs are covered against material defects and workmanship for a period of thirty (30) days from receipt by the customer.
Differential pressure switches are not covered under warranty.  Manning will repair, replace or exchange at its sole discretion, parts under warranty. Manning may require return of the defective part for evaluation if it is being exchanged.   Manning will invoice the customer for items not returned within 30 days.










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