Stationary Sampler Refrigerated, Vacuum, 2.5 gal‚ VSR3-A9AA2C2A1

Manning portable samplers provide accurate‚ repeatable sample volumes for a wide range of applications. The peristaltic sampler has a rugged NEMA 4X/NEMA 6 ABS housing with stainless steel hardware that stands up to the harshest sampling environments. These features along with watertight connectors‚ ensure long service life. Features non-contacting ultrasonic liquid sensor.


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Over their useful life, vacuum samplers are the least expensive suction lift samplers to own. With few moving parts, critical components rated for thousands of operations, and no regularly scheduled replacement of consumable parts (such as peristaltic pump tubing), labor and spare parts costs are minimized. It is possible to save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars over the useful life of a Model VSR sampler.
The sampler’s microprocessor-based controller is housed in an enclosure rated for environmental protection by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association as NEMA 4X/NEMA 6. The controller offers advanced functionality and features, such as data logging, review of settings, and operating status, with a variety of flow and time modes. With its step-by-step menu format, dedicated-button keypad, and large backlit LCD, the controller is simple to set up, even in the dark! Easy-to-understand prompts and shortcut keys save manpower and time by enabling the operator to quickly change or review programming and settings, avoiding frustrating navigation through long, complicated menu structures.
Precise accuracy and repeatability of sample volumes for the VSR sampler is within 0.5% of pre-set volume (versus the ±5% volume typical of a peristaltic sampler) Providing you with precise samples helps to ensure the validity of any composite samples. Changes in vertical or horizontal head height will not affect the sample volume taken. Due to the high transport velocity (5 ft/sec versus the EPA recommended minimum of 2 ft/sec) of samples taken by the VST sampler‚ you can be assured you are receiving the most representative sample possible.
Manning samplers over twenty years old are still in regular service. No other sampler company can claim a longevity record like that! The VSR is no exception. Its Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) enclosure protects the electromechanical parts, and the stainless-steel hardware can withstand corrosive environments. These features, along with watertight connectors, ensure that no other sampler will last as long as a Manning VSR sampler
This preconfigured unit comes with a 5.5 cu ft. refrigerator, contact closure input, 2.5-gallon polyethylene bottle, 25 ft. 3/8” ID PVC hose and 3/8” PVC strainer.

  • Temperature limits: 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)
  • Sample cooling: 440 BTU compressor with high-efficiency fan and condenser
  • Maximum lift: 28 ft
  • Transport velocity: 4,396 ft/sec minimum at 5 ft
  • Sample volume: 1 mL increments (programmed directly)
 Power Requirement  A) 110 VAC
 Refrigerator  9) 5.5CF White Refrigerator 110VAC 60Hz
 Input/Output Option  A) Contact Closure Input
Single Bottle, VSR A) Single Bottle for Composite Sampling
Bottle Type 2) 2.5-gallon Polyethylene Bottle
Hose Type C) PVC 3/8-inch ID Hose — 25 ft.
Strainer Type 2) PVC Strainer (3/8-inch)
Environmental Protection A) None
Alarms 1) None


Stationary Sampler Refrigerated, Vacuum, 2.5 gal‚ VSR3-A9AA2C2A1

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