Stationary Sampler Refrigerated, Peristaltic, 2.5 gal‚ YB8-A9B2A2C3A1

Manning portable samplers provide accurate‚ repeatable sample volumes for a wide range of applications. The peristaltic sampler has a rugged NEMA 4X/NEMA 6 ABS housing with stainless steel hardware that stands up to the harshest sampling environments. These features‚ along with watertight connectors‚ ensure long service life. Features non-contacting ultrasonic liquid sensor.


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Manning’s reliable YB samplers automatically collect composite or discrete samples. These autosamplers are used in a wide variety of applications from Waste Water to stormwater to University studies in phytoplankton. Their performance is excellent, with a peristaltic pump that provides good lift, high transport velocity, and long tube life (over 1 million revolutions), a rugged sun and weather-resistant casing, and the ability to consistent, accurate sample volumes.
The peristaltic pump collects samples per EPA regulations. The non-contacting ultrasonic fluid sensor detects liquid near the pump inlet improving accuracy and logging successful and missed samples. A clear lid lets you inspect rollers and tubing without dismantling the pump, saving you time and money. Advanced thermoplastic pump construction resists corrosion, ensuring rigidity and long life.
The microprocessor-based controller features data logging functions and setting/operating status reviews with a wide range of flow and time modes. Its clearly labeled, hermetically sealed keypad, and backlit alphanumeric LCD allows easy setup and programming. Intuitive menu prompts, and shortcuts save time—quickly update or review programming with no long, complicated menu navigation. NEMA 4X/NEMA 6 controller enclosure offers protection indoors and out.
Use the simple time and flow programs or the advanced sampling rising differential hydro-logic stage event software to select a wide array of sample programming options. Password protection restricts sampler access to authorized operators only. Samplers offer 4-20 mA input and 110 VAC power.
The 5.5 cu ft models feature an integrated temperature controller inside the refrigerator that maintains samples at temperatures between 0 and 4°C, even in high ambient temperatures. The controller includes a user-programmable alarm. All refrigerators offer thick-walled, impact- and corrosion-resistant construction and a white-backed enamel exterior for extra durability.
Includes ultrasonic liquid sensor, refrigerator, 2.5-Gal polyethylene sampling bottle, 25-ft PVC hose, 22″L x 3/8″ ID silicone tubing, and a 3/8″ PVC strainer.

  • Temperature limits: 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)
  • Sample cooling: 440 BTU compressor with high-efficiency fan and condenser
  • Maximum lift: 28 ft
  • Transport velocity: 4,396 ft/sec minimum at 5 ft
  • Sample volume: 1 mL increments (programmed directly)
 Base Unit YB8 SAMPLER
 Power Requirement  A) 110 VAC
 Refrigerator  9) 5.5CF White Refrigerator 110VAC 60Hz
 Input/Output Option  A) Contact Closure Input
 Liquid Sensor  2) Ultrasonic Sensor
 Single Bottle, YB  A) Single Bottle (for composite sampling)
 Bottle Type  2) 2.5-gallon Polyethylene Bottle
 Hose Type  C) PVC 3/8-inch ID Hose — 25 ft.
 Strainer Type  2) PVC Strainer (3/8-inch)
 Environmental Protection  A) None
 Alarms  1) None


Stationary Sampler Refrigerated, Peristaltic, 2.5 gal‚ YB8-A9B2A2C3A1

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